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New Updates: Reply via Email, Annotations, Strategy Module

Today, the team at CommitteeManager are pleased to announce a host of new features designed to give busy organisations tools to streamline their planning and communication.

  • Reply via Email
  • PDF, Word and Powerpoint Annotations
  • Strategic Planning Module

Reply via Email

CommitteeManager has always understood that email is an ubiquitous part of our lives, and so we send notifications, comments, and announcements directly through to your email as they happen.

Today, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of inbound email support.

Just reply to any email sent by CommitteeManager and we will automatically create your reply in the system, making sure all your team members are notified. Plus, this gives all your replies the same archival and auditing support that CommitteeManager already provides.

For our busy users who live off their mobile, this makes it even easier to keep your team updated and reply to messages quickly, without needing to have all your team's emails in your contacts.

PDF, Word and Powerpoint Annotations

After a long period of testing, our document annotation system is now live for all organisations on our Active and Ultimate plans.

For these plans, any Data File uploads that are a PDF, Word Document, or Powerpoint Presentation will be available for viewing online in your browser.

While you are viewing these files you can annotate them with highlights, comments, and other annotations. These notes are completely private, and won't be shared with the rest of your team.

This can help reduce paperwork by adding notes to documents while reviewing them, and then refer to those notes directly during meetings. Alternatively, have CommitteeManager email the documents to you as PDF to refer to them offline or print.

Strategic Planning Module

Today also marks the release of our new Strategy Module, available for our Ultimate plan.

As an organisation grows, it becomes necessary to keep sight of the big-picture strategic goals of the group. CommitteeManager's Strategy Module provides exactly that.

Ths Strategy Module provides:

  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Tracking compliance obligations
  • Business planning
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Strategic Correspondence

Plus, all of these features integrate with the rest of the CommitteeManager functionality, including Action Items, Correspondence and the new inbound email functionality.

New Features Live: Strategic Planning Module, Annotations

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