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Welcome to The CommitteeManager blog!

Welcome to The CommitteeManager Blog, where we will be providing news and tips to help your group better organised. Whether you are a business, club, community group, school, or project team, you can do better work with less effort when you have better tools and techniques to be organised.

Over the coming months we will be sharing simple tips and tricks to improve efficiency and communication, as well as longer form articles to address more specialised topics, including technology and IT, accounting and event planning.

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Welcome to the CommitteeManager blog

We are a team committed to helping people work together efficiently and productively.

So much of our lives are spent working with teams and committees; meetings, group emails, conference calls and project planning sessions. But most teams struggle to get the best out of their members due to a lack of organisation and a lack of focus.

This blog has been set up to provide helpful, practical advice on getting the most out of your meetings and groups. We will be covering topics ranging from efficiency tips, new ideas you may want to explore, to long term strategic planning.

When we're not helping provide tips and tricks about efficiency, we build CommitteeManager, an online application that can revolutionise the management of your board, committee and project team obligations.

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